Shalom! Gereja Maya (Virtual Church Ministries) mengucapkan Selamat Datang, Salam Damai dalam Kasih Tuhan kepada semua pengunjung laman ini. Tuhan memberkati...

Launching Gereja Maya on my birthday

Today is my birthday. Ever since I started to create this site about a week ago, I was then thinking to launch it on my birthday. Instead of getting a lot of presents as I used to get at my younger age, I thought it is wise to give present to the Lord on my birthday. I was working quite hard on this site. Though still a lot more rooms for improvement, but for a person who has less expertise in IT and web configuration like me, I think I've done a moderately good job. Hope so :)

As you can read on the introduction of this site, it is my concern to reach anyone out there with the word of God. I'm not a pastor and I'm not a holder of any theological certificate as yet, but I do believe that the word of God is for all of us to meditate and practice in our daily life. Therefore, I will strive at my best to deliver the most delicious 'spiritual food' for all readers.

I would also like to invite anyone of you to join me here, either as a regular guess or even joining me at the minister board. Please enter your email address to subscribe for mailing list. You can also do some other things here; feel free to give your comments at shout box, get involved in the open forum, get inspired with the verse of the day, type any English word for meaning at quick dictionary, or even play games.

I hope this site will not only be entertaining, but most of all will bring glory to Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Do not hesitate to contact me (click 'contact us' button) at any time for anything. God bless everyone...

"I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever." (Psalm 86: 12)
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