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We walk on our life everyday with lots of unsettled thoughts in our head. From personal issues to families, businesses, friends, and lots of other things. Lots of emotions running through our mind. Emotions are wild horses says the writer of one of the book I read. They always found their ways to be displayed in our affects and actions, no matter what advanced method we tried to control them.

Life is tough. Only the strong will prevail says the evolutionist. But are we strong enough to face all life's challenges? It is not going to become any easier each time we manage to overcome an obstacle. Ahead will be another bigger stone ever ready to strike us. How long and how much is needed to be sacrificed before we can finally say that we've won the battle of life. Sadly, there's none such measurement. One is measured had won it, only when he or she had fought his or her life, and didn't give up until God allowed him or her to rest in peace.

Until then, we are only occasionally allowed to take a break, to refresh and to energize ourselves, before resuming to the battle field. We are all soldiers. Man and woman of all ages, fighting for something, sometimes we don't even know or fully understood what and why. Even when we were too weak to get up even, we were still required to fight for our last breath.

But death in this world is not equal to lose. The real losers were those who gave up while still breathing, because these were the people who wasted the precious time God lended them. Those were the people who died while their heart was still pounding, and the breath of God still blowing through their nostrils. For what life is without hope.

Therefore my beloved brothers and sisters, whenever you feel like you are going to lose hope, remember God our creator. He must have some good purpose in your life. If you think you are too weak to bear the burden, rest if you have to, but don't give up. Don't question why you cannot be the way you want to be. Rather ask Him, what else you have to do to meet His purpose(s) in your life.

Keep in your faith that our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from all life's afflictions, but even if He does not, let it be known to the whole world that we are not going to forsake Him. For our hope is not confined only to this present life, but to the eternal life that we've received through the Lord our Savior. Then your mind will be in peace and all your emotions will become white doves.

Note: The Scripture says, "whoever believes in Him will not be disappointed". God bless every believer.
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JMimie said...

every time when i'm to the point of giving up i always 'scold' myself with this verse "why so downcast o my soul? PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD!" hopeful in the Lord always no matter what. God bless everyone.